Environmental Responsibility

At Newmet, our business is focused on renewable resources; whether its our metals or chemicals, all our products are on a continuous cycle of production and recycling.

The very core of our business is based on sustainability of resources and environmental conscientiousness. Given this baseline it was simple extending such principles into our business; after all, this is our mutual home, and we all need to take care of it! So at Newmet in both professional and personal lives, we encourage each other to make wiser choices in respect to transportation, recycling, energy consumption and many other aspects; which we hope is reflected through in our business.

Here are some guidelines we have set at Newmet in order to make a difference:
    • Our offices comply with relevant legislation regarding emissions into the air.
    • We store waste safely as well as securely, making sure it is treated appropriately and is collected by the local authority; whilst adhering to the local standards in disposing of trade effluent such as waste chemicals, detergents, cooling or cleaning water.
    • We do not cause any statutory nuisance which could affect the health or well-being of our neighbors. This covers things like producing noise, smoke, fumes, gases, dust, odor, light pollution or accumulating rubbish.
    Here are some of our guidelines to keep it green at work and home!
    • We turn off equipment whilst not being used. This reduces the energy used by 25%; turning off computers at the end of the day saves an additional 50%
    • Communications by email and skype; also reading email messages before deciding to print, we never print if unnecessary!
    • Elimination of fax-related paper waste by using a fax-modem and cover sheet only when necessary. This allow documents to be sent directly from a computer, without a hard copy printed and scanned Double-sided documents, save some paper in the long run.
    • Not leaving taps dripping; A single drop per second can waste over 20 liters per day, that makes over 7,000 liters per year! 
    • Newmet uses paper with maximum available recycled content 
    • Our suppliers will take back refuse for recycling when applicable
    • Newmet Green Team! We have a dedicated Green Team at Newmet researching new ways of integrating green technology and services with our business 
    • Newmet always leaves its trusted old furniture and supplies in news homes before moving on to new, GREENER, pastures! 
    • We comply with ALL necessary restrictions on the storage and use of hazardous substances.
    • We ALWAYS make sure that any hazardous waste our business produces is correctly classified and described, and is either disposed of or recovered at an appropriately authorized facility.


    We will be posting relevant documents here for your convenience, if there is anything in particular you would like to see, let us know!

    Lattest News

    November 4, 2013

    Happy Birthday Newmet!

    Today marks a full decade since Newmet was established through the vision of Dejan Colic, today we proudly stand among the leaders of the industry and we want to thank You, our Clients, for making it possible.