Any product you choose, from any part of the world, will have its delivery carefully planned in consideration of all relevant and necessary legislation.

Our goods are packaged to your preference and sent to you on desired terms. Our longstanding, close relationship with logistics companies grants us the necessary resources in providing for any range of demands, as well as the necessary control to deal with the frequent unexpected set-back accustomed to this industry.

Newmet is continuously delivering the highest performance to clients

With our expertise in logistics being a key tool which makes sure that we effectively:

  • Plan for the most geographically convenient point to source transport in respect to client needs
  • Keep close communication with our logistics partners, so as to keep the flow of information regarding a shipment available at all times; this allows for us and our clients to act with immediate effect, should there be an unforeseen complication
  • Search for more efficient ways of arranging transportation within our developed network of logistics contacts.

If you have any comments or preferences around transportation, let us know! We are more than glad to use your preferred methods or companies if this is necessary. You can rest assured that we can deliver our goods effectively to any part of the world in a reliable fashion.


We will be posting relevant documents here for your convenience, if there is anything in particular you would like to see, let us know!

Lattest News

November 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Newmet!

Today marks a full decade since Newmet was established through the vision of Dejan Colic, today we proudly stand among the leaders of the industry and we want to thank You, our Clients, for making it possible.